The Magic of Equanimity



The Magic of Equanimity

By Maddi Rundle


Do you ever feel lost?

Do you ever question, how you ended up here?

Do you look in the mirror and wonder who it is that’s looking back?


You’re not alone.


These questions come up as a part of the human experience. If you’re one who has endless questions and a yearning to know more, to be more, to see more… I offer the invitation to sit with us.


There have been countless moments in my life when I’ve felt lost and noticed the questions start to bubble up. I noticed more and more that my default was to look outside myself, to compare, to take a consensus amongst my nearest and dearest, to read more, to find gurus and experts and psychics, who I believed held my answers.


Finally, I got still.


Finally, I looked inward and started believing in myself. Quite quickly thereafter, I noticed that the women who began showing up in my life no longer rehashed things with me or tried fixing me, or judged me, or became blue in the face with advice for me… I learned what it’s like to have others hold space for me and be with me and support me and not even have to know what it was that’s plaguing me or hurting me or challenging me… and this set me free.


The greatest transformation I have experienced is partnering with powerful women, whom I finally accepted as my equals!


I no longer saw myself below or above, but instead began fostering equanimity amongst these powerhouses and what I learned was that it is in collaboration that the nature of magic is revealed.


Never have I experienced as much magic in my life as I have over the past two years collaborating, partnering, supporting, encouraging and honouring the gifts and the magic of sisterhood.


I now have firsthand experience in the power of the feminine and what’s possible when we gather… I feel this power is on the rise and it is what the earth so desperately needs in this very moment.


Although at times, we may feel isolated, or alone – know that we are never alone.


There is a quiet, invisible force that is all around you supporting you, loving you, and holding you. What’s most powerful about this force? That it’s invisible. That it’s mystical. That it’s magical. That it’s constant. That it’s unwavering.  That it is an endless well of energy.




A tapping into your magic, your mysticism and your grace.