What is Heal Evolve Thrive



By Maddi Rundle 


There’s something sacred about silence. There’s something even more magical about keeping things to your Self.


Has this ever happened to you?


You experienced something beyond your wildest expectations, maybe even beyond your wildest dreams… or better yet, you had an idea… a crazy, wild idea that hit you like a ton of bricks and between your two ears, up in that brain space of yours, it’s FABULOUS! 


Then… you share.




Or, “What?”


Or, “That won’t work.”


Or, “I don’t get it.”


You shrink. You swallow. You shrivel up.


It’s gone. The magic is gone. What was sacred within – now lost.


That sacredness is within us all. Most of us are simply too busy to get still enough to hear the whispers, to experience the love, and to savour that silence. Most of us are too scared to get quiet, to slow down, and to truly be with ourselves


Most of us share our ideas, our experiences, and our stories before we’ve actually even sat with it ourselves, and the words, and the response, and the opinions, and the judgments of others shape that story, that experience, that idea, even our own feelings. 


Perhaps the magic is letting something exist without having to explain, or justify, or analyze, or even understand, but instead, to simply let it linger – let it exist, let it be. This challenges all our being. This challenges all our faculties. This challenges our wise mind that works tirelessly for us. 


In the past, one of the highest compliments paid to women was, “she’s so selfless!” 








This is changing. There is a shift at play and, I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve felt it. You realize you have a Self. You realize you’re important. You realize you need to fill up. You realize change needs to be made


What’s this got to do with silence?


This is step one. 


Get quiet. Get still. Get honest… and even before you go analyzing and thinking it over and questioning it and discussing it with your friends… just do it. And what’s more? When you’ve sat with yourself and felt the stillness that resides within your body and the wisdom that’s been aching to be released… You’re going to continue to quietly sit with whatever wisdom arose and simply let it percolate.


What happens in the silence?


Magic. Healing. Growth.


Don’t get me wrong… we’re not all taking a vow of silence or silencing yourself the way I know you have for the last few decades of your life. Let’s be clear – you are getting quiet so that you can finally hear yourself, see yourself and know yourself!


Then what?


Step two.


Let that knowledge, that strength and that wisdom fuel you. Let it fill you up and bubble over in the way that you move in the world.


The most powerful part? 


We stop sharing what filled us up, and instead, we simply share ourselves filled up!


We are crying out to be heard, but do you even listen to your Self?


Start there, my loves. Start there.


So, as people continue to ask what HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE is, I continue to smile and be filled with wonder even thinking about what happens to these women internally. But the what and the how don’t matter. Leaving the what and the how out of this, fosters the MAGIC. 


The biggest honour I’ve been gifted thus far is learning how to hold space for others to heal, to evolve, and to thrive. HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE is simply the next gift I’ve been graced with to offer women who are searching and ready to answer the call.