We're now pleased to offer HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE - the Retreat for everyone. 

heal evolve thrive- the retreat

The Retreat is for EVERYONE; yoga teachers, school teachers, community leaders, activists, health care providers, parents, and ALL PEOPLE in nurturing roles whom feel overwhelmed and exhausted from caring so deeply for others, while often at a loss for how to care for themselves. 

The term Compassion Fatigue refers to the profound emotional and physical erosion which takes place when one is caring for others without getting the proper refuelling and regeneration. 

This retreat will explore how we as humans “over extend” ourselves.
Through psychotherapy, yoga, philosophy, meditation, play and group discussion; we will create space to recover from compassion fatigue; and walk away with practical tools to be of higher service for yourself and others.

2019 RETREATs:

Date:  To Be Announced.

Start Time: 10am on Saturday

End Time: 5pm on Sunday

Place:  The Om Dome- Hamilton, ON, Canada

Investment: $500.00 *meals included

(Saturday lunch Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch. Tea ,coffee, and fruit/snacks are available through out the day)


***Your choice of staying over Saturday night and camping (we'll provide the tents and sleeping pads) or going home Saturday night and returning Sunday morning***


Participants will engage in yoga, meditation, reflection, and introspective practices and techniques to unveil blockages to self-prioritizing and self-care. In reconnecting people to their immeasurable, unconditional worth; Trish and Maddi resurrect the innate strength of humans in the revolutionary spirit of love.


  • Opening Ritual/Circle in Nature

  • Introduction/Check In

  • Yoga Practice

  • Break- Coffee, Tea, Light Snacks Provided

  • Group Discussion

  • Hour Lunch Break- Nourishing Lunch Provided

  • Guided Meditation/Hike

  • Experimental Excerise/Inquiry and Play

  • Yoga Nidra Outdoors In Nature

  • Closing Circle/Meditation

  • 6pm Dinner

  • After Dinner-10am Free Time to enjoy the forest, pond, trails, quiet time, sleep

"HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE has opened some deep emotional wounds that I wasn't aware of, gave me strength and courage to deal with stuff that I never thought I could handle, has invited me to hold space for myself and others and to understand silence and its magic ! It taught me to listen deeply to the divine guidance and trust, to love and share the love from a different space without running myself empty .. the retreat was truly heart expanding .
I definitely look at the world with a different eye seeing all circumstances past and present as blessings instead of hurdles .. forever grateful for Your and the divine guidance that is truly magical !!
Lots of love to you both and a big thank you from my whole expanded heart !!"- Magda- Chef & Ayurvedic Practitioner



Hamilton, ON, Canada