"To work with Trish and Maddi is to experience freedom from judgment, responsibility and thought without conditions, expectations or goals. It is to enter a realm of playful, light hearted, exploration of yourself. It is life changing, expansive and fulfilling.  It is pure joy, love and light. It is letting go of what no longer serves you and allowing grace, intuition and guidance to consume you. It is simply magic that must be experienced to be believed." -Lisa RMT


200 hour Yoga teacher training- Living on purpose

This is not your regular Yoga Teacher Training!  

This YTT’s focus is NOT to quit your job and become a studio yoga teacher (though you could choose to do that, after this training)

LIVING ON PURPOSE encourages taking the teachings, the wisdom and the love to places beyond yoga studio walls.

LIVING ON PURPOSE's aim is to infuse all spaces of your life with self love practices, not necessarily as a career change; but to embody this wisdom to bring more light to where you currently reside. 

LIVING ON PURPOSE ’s focus is to help YOU to remember your practice, your rituals, your voice and share it every where in your lives. To NOT necessarily be the “Yoga Teacher” who holds the light- but use this light to reflect who you already are. The Hygienist who holds the light. The Accountant who holds the light. The Lawyer who holds the light. The Barista who holds the light. The Doctor who holds the light. The parent, the Grandparent, the Partner, the School Teacher - who holds this light- even if you never share the postures, you are aware you are holding the light for those who have not yet remembered.

Trish and Maddi want to help build an army of heart warriors, who are remembering WHO WE ARE and reminding others.

you are what you have been seeking! You are it! Stop looking and start remembering

details Fall 2019

Dates:  Weekends of - Sept 7,8 / Sept 21,22 / Oct 5,6 / Oct 19, 20 / Nov 2, 3 /  Nov 16, 17 

Times: 9am-6pm Daily

Location: The Om Dome- Hamilton, ON, Canada

Investment: $4000+hst

  • $500 non-refundable deposit holds your spot

  • Pay in full after March 21st


  • Monthly instalments

  • Personal Payment plans

***This is an intimate Yoga Teacher Training; which will be capped at 16 participants***

**This YTT program SOLD OUT in less than a week and we DO NOT want you to miss this opportunity to be a part of
our 2019 YTT program, LIVING ON PURPOSE.  Sign up now to secure your spot.**

Friends of Alumni Discount - $500 (ask your Alumni friends for their discount code)


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This Yoga Teacher Training is co-directed by  HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE's  Trish Dingman (Yoga teacher) and Maddi Rundle (Therapist & Yoga Teacher) and Guests. Combined they have over 3,000 hours of study in their chosen fields and 10,000 hours of teaching/clinical practice.
It’s taken us years (11 years exactly) to be ready to run a Teacher Training- to feel fully and compassionately capable of holding the vision that we wish to fulfill with this YTT. Starting with the name- LIVING ON PURPOSE.
May all of our thoughts, actions and service be on PURPOSE!  For a PURPOSE. May we remember, support and act upon our PURPOSE. 


ROBYN SYNNOTT: Anatomy, Physiology, Pain Science and Nervous System

Pelvic Health + Orthopaedic Physiotherapist + Certified in Acupuncture and as a Physio-Doula

Robyn Synnott has worked as a physiotherapist in the Halton region for the past 9 years. She began working as an orthopedic physiotherapist with a strong focus on osteopathic techniques and a special interest in pain science.  In 2014, she began to narrow her focus to women's health.  Since then, she has completed extensive, specialized training in pelvic health. She operates a small practice, Ebb + Flow Wellness, within the calming space of Be Yoga, in Burlington.

Robyn holds an Honours Bachelor degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology and a Master’s of Science in Physiotherapy, both from McMaster University. She is a certified yoga teacher and has training in Pilates for health practitioners. She is also one of a select few Canadian physiotherapists that have gone through advanced skills training in labour and birth. 

Robyn is qualified to perform the protected acts of internal pelvic physiotherapy as well as acupuncture.  She has taken courses in pelvic health, visceral mobilization, core function, pain science, soft tissue release techniques, yin yoga, and acupuncture. Robyn has clinical experience in myofascial release and osteopathic techniques such as craniosacral therapy, strain-counter-strain, and muscle energy. 

 Robyn has a special interest in women's health and has focused her training in healthy menstrual cycles, fertility, pregnancy, labour/birth, postpartum, and pain science. She approaches treatment using a biopsychosocial-spiritual model of care that truly values the importance of the body, mind, and spirit.  Robyn aspires to help women learn to trust and appreciate their body, to empower them to take charge of their health, and to focus their treatment on what is most important to them.

 JOANNE MORGAN- Somatic Inquiry, Pyscho Education

Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) +Registered Professional Counsellor with CPCA

Joanne is an Empowerment Coach and Healer, a Registered Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Spiritual Mentor and Energetic Body Work Practitioner. She is a Registered Focusing Practitioner/Trainer with the Focusing Institute in New York and was trained by Shirley Turcotte in a two year intensive Focusing and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Certification Program.
Joanne is an intuitive teacher and creative facilitator. She has over twenty-five years of experience in facilitating individual and group retreats/workshops in many different cultures around the world. After living and working in many countries around the world, she fully embraces a global spirituality that is inclusive and honors all paths.
Joanne has trained with renowned Healer, Abundant Life Coach and author Mary A. Hall learning transformative tools and empowering processes which she incorporates into her sessions with clients.
Joanne is an Advanced Sixth Sensory Practitioner receiving her training under the mentorship of world renowned intuitive Sonia Choquette.
Joanne provides many different tools to support healing in mind, body and spirit. She is a Soul Wound Healing and Karma Clearing Practitioner through her training with international spiritual teacher and intuitive Jennifer Hoffman.
Energetic Body Work sessions are available upon request. Joanne is a Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner (an ancient Japanese Art of Harmonizing Body Energy). Other sessions provided are: Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Alignment, Chakra Cording, Intuitive Vibrational Attunement & Empowerment, Somatic Intuitive Inquiry and Body Psychotherapy to support clients accessing their body wisdom.
Joanne is an instructor at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto where she teaches students training to be Spiritual Directors and Psychotherapists.
Joanne believes in an eclectic, integrative, client-centered, and holistic approach to facilitate transformational healing and empowerment in mind, body and spirit. Joanne works intuitively drawing on a variety of therapeutic techniques.
Joanne is in private practice in Toronto and she facilitates workshops, retreats and groups in different locations.



Susan worked for 14 years in an emergency room as a registered nurse dealing with physical and emotional crises. She returned to school and obtained a B.A. in Psychology and worked as a behavior management therapist teaching parents and children conflict resolution and problem solving skills.  
An interest in spirituality led her to complete a Masters in Theological Studies in Pastoral Counselling and has been working in private practice in Hamilton and Owen Sound area since 2002. Susan has completed training in Gestalt therapy, certified GTT Holotropic Breathwork facilitator  as well as a Certified Imago Relationship therapist and completed training in 2007 as an Imago Workshop Presenter.  Other training includes Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Gestalt therapy and EMDR

Your 200 hours includes

  • Self Inquiry and Reflection

  • Anatomy and Somatic Movement / Understanding / Healing

  • Pre and Post Natal

  • Yoga for Trauma, Understanding and Healing Postures and Sequences

  • Movement for Pain / Understanding of Pain

  • Theory based in both Eastern and Western Mysticism (Chakras, Archetypes, Samskara, Dharma, Yoga History, Sanskrit)

  • Theory based in psychotherapy

  • The Art of Teaching/Leading from Day One (Story Telling, Theming, Lecture, Voice, Chanting, Meditation, Ritual)

  • Attend One HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE retreat (complementary)

  • Opportunity to teach your own unique class at the Om Dome, for the public

  • One on One therapy session with Maddi to help hold anything which may arise during this training

*You will leave feeling empowered to teach a hatha yoga class. Run an event or retreat. Give a lecture. Work one on one with a client. Work with survivors of trauma. And most of all a better relationship with yourself and knowledge of how to care for yourself.*


*** Each Module contains the required components of Anatomy, History / Philosophy, Sequencings and Postures, Practice Teaching / Leading & Ethics; as well as Personal Inquiry, Meditation, Pranayama, Experiential Exercises, Self Care, Mentorship & Psychotherapy ***  

Weekend 1: Sept 8, 9  Why Yoga?

  • Introduction to Anatomy

  • Introduction to Yoga History

  • Science of Pain with Guest Teacher

  • Understanding Pelvic Floor with Guest Teacher

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Ethics and Touch

Weekend 2: Sept 22, 23  Subtle Body

  • Chakras

  • Nervous System

  • Hormones and Glands Guest Teacher

  • Somatic Movement Part 1 with Guest Teacher

Weekend 3: Oct 13, 14  Story Telling / Play

  • Yoga History- postures and stories

  • Story Telling with Guest Teacher

  • The Language of the Body- Somatic Movement Part 2

  • Voice

  • Chanting / Mantra

Weekend 4: Oct 27, 28  Mental Health- Tools and Teachings for Self Care and Mental Health Professionals
Exploration of the following through movement, meditation, philosophy and psychotherapy:

  • Anxiety / Stress

  • Depression

  • Addictions / Dependancies / Co-Dependance

  • Technology Detox

  • Trauma

  • Samskara

  • Archetypes

Weekend 5: Nov 10, 11  The Seat of the Leader

  • Boundaries

  • Self Care

  • Ethics

  • Therapy

  • Public Speaking / Lecturing

  • Holding Space

  • Setting Space

  • BreathWork with Guest Teacher

Weekend 6: Nov 24, 25  Ritual / Magic

  • Sacred Space

  • Reading Energy

  • Non- Dualism

  • Prayer

  • Divine Guidance

  • Your Purpose

  • Sanskrit with Guest Teacher

  • Holding Power / Understanding Power

Weekend 7:  Heal Evolve Thrive Retreat
Your choice of the Summer / Fall  2018 or Winter 2019 Retreat - Inclusive of your tuition for YTT- Living On Purpose

why this training ?

From Trish :  
I have been asked for YEARS to run a YTT, by devote students and have hesitated until today.  I have attended teacher trainings around the world, with some of the best.  And my experience over and over again was... Yoga Teacher Training goes deep into self inquiry, maybe even deeper than years of therapy and self help... the bandaid gets ripped off and past wounds are revealed.  I've witnessed people get really raw and then leave teacher training wide open, bleeding; without the tools to hold these wounds, support them or heal them.  
I felt strongly I would not create a teacher training until I found a psychotherapist to partner up with- to be 100% certain that the space and everyone in the space could be held, accepted and supported as inquiry deepens and bandaids come off.  As I've watched Maddi and I's partnership flourish the past year- I knew it was time.  I'd found the psychotherapist I trusted to hold this beautiful, deep journey with me. 
This training promises to hold you.  
To support you.  
To keep you safe.  
To point you in the direction of specialized support, if need be.

This training promises to guide YOU to take good care of your own mental, physical and spiritual health FIRST and FOREMOST.

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