“Trish and Maddi are a gift to this world and it is such an honour for them to share their knowledge.  They hold a safe and secure container where I always felt that I could grow into myself, share, and come as I was.  This YTT was such a beautiful gift, and I am forever grateful to Trish and Maddi for sharing it with us.  Thank you thank you thank you.” - Taylor- Children’s Social Worker

Co-founders, Maddi Rundle (Registered Psychotherapist + Yoga and Meditation Instructor) + Trish Dingman (Yoga Instructor) have have come together to bring you


With a combined 3,000+ hours of study in their chosen fields and 10,000+ hours of teaching/clinical practice


Maddi Rundle 

registered psychotherapist. yoga+Meditation instructor.

Maddi believes in the power and light within each and every individual and empowers her clients, while supporting them in their journey of self discovery.
She is a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor, also trained in Spiritual Direction.
She is the co-founder of Ebb+Flow Wellness
Her gifts lie in her curiosity and genuine care for others, their stories, and their need to tell them. She connects with people's essence and creates a safe space for people to begin to explore their inner world. Her aim is to create movement in her clients. This is achieved through her ability to ask clients tough questions and hold space as they dive into the vulnerabilities of their lived experiences. She connects. She bonds. She listens. She has an innate ability to meet people exactly where they are so that they may begin to embrace who they are in this exact moment. This is where the healing process begins. This is how people come Home and reconnect to the truth of who they really are.


Trish Dingman

yoga + Yoga nidra instructor. theatre major. philosopher.

Mysticism, movement, deep breaths, curiosity, belly laughs, nature and her passion for compassion; have shaped Trish into the yoga and self inquiry facilitator she is today. 
Trish’s love of personal inquiry began while training and working professionally as an actor in film and stage, since age 12. Trish was introduced to yoga in 1999, while attending the renowned theater-acting conservatory, at Ryerson University.  She fell in LOVE with yoga in 2006, when she used it as the stepping stone, for healing herself from addiction and depression.
Drawing from over 12 000 hours of teaching; 2000 hours of study and her creative background as a classically trained actor; Trish is shaping something new and different for participants of her programs. 
Trish is the creator of Yoga and Compassionate Self Inquiry, for Actors- a program she has facilitated as part the Brock University Theatre Curriculum; since 2013.
Trish lives in a magical forest, in a yurt - off the grid- with her partner Dave. Together they are learning to build and live a 100% self sustainable life.
She is the co-creator of  The Om Dome at LUNA.
Trish’s mission is pure love for self and all beings; through creativity, nature, self expression and understanding.