We are the Channels for Grace.  The Pillars between Heaven & Earth.  We are Expanding and we are Remembering.

           And so- Heal Evolve Thrive -was born.


HEAL EVOLVE THRIVE is for EVERYONE.  Folks in nurturing roles; health care workers, mental health practitioners, yoga teachers, school teachers, community leaders, activists, healers, mothers/fathers and any others who feel overwhelmed and exhausted from caring so deeply for others, that they are at a loss as to how to care for themselves. These programs invite a simple intent: to remind each and every person that,


All photography provided by Bob Hatcher and  Piranha Studios


about MAddi & Trish

Learn About the co-creators of Heal Evolve Thrive. 

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Yoga teacher training

Learn More About Heal Evolve Thrives's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training- Living on Purose.

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